Convene, convene, come together, create a community, a network… All organisational activities focusing on mankind, no technology, no computers, no internet, no web.

This was the initial sense of the job; then in 1970 Mr. Tabb asked for Rotarian volunteer support for the organisation of the Rotary International  ENAEM  European North-African and Eastern Mediterranean Regional Conference.

15,000 delegates, a challenge for Rome and its outskirts, November 12–15, the sun was shining! In Italy we had never heard of a meeting planner.

We had to handle 50,000 roomnights, 15,000 hand-made badges, 30,000 questions asked by delegates, all different!

Multitasking, problem solving, pro-active, flexible, and still feeling excited and passionate.

This was the EGA team, from a volunteer job to a real company.


Emma Golinelli Aru (ega)