Ega Worldwide with Matera European Capital of Culture 2019

After collaborating actively with the Expos in Seville, Shanghai and Milan, Ega pursued and continues to pursue the path of strengthening its unique positioning within the MICE Industry, organising events in an outstanding location, the “Cava del Sole” in Matera, perfect venue for conferences, congresses and conventions.

Emma Aru declares “we feel there is an air of innovation in the Italian regions and an increasingly intense connection between the Local and the Global. The connections need bridges and working in Matera and with Matera, inside and together with the European Capital of Culture 2019, which will host 27 European countries and all the Italian regions, is to build a bridge with the richness and diversity of other cultures, to share their characteristics, to contribute to the promotion of culture in large and smaller cities. The collaboration of Ega with the Matera-Basilicata Foundation 2019 has begun! “.

Matera will host events, theatre performances, scientific congresses, debates, seminars, concerts, mainly in the suggestive Cava del Sole, identified by the European Commission with an exact interest: “the tuff quarries in the north of Matera represent a unique place of extraordinary beauty and charm, and are a natural stage for artistic, cultural and scientific projects”.

Matera is a unique place that surprises, captures, confuses, which inspires in anyone who knows it, lives there, visits it for the first time, deep thoughts and emotions. Walking on the streets of the ancient Rioni Sassi, looking from a distance to the plateau of Murgie or the city centre, visiting one of its extraordinary tuff quarries, you breathe a dimension of time and space like few equal, becoming aware, in a single stroke of beauty, of the fragility, the harmony and the complexity of these spaces.




La Cava del Sole is the entrance gate to Matera 2019, located along the SS7 at Km 580, in the stretch that leads from Matera to Laterza and S. Eramo in Colle, 10 from the historic centre.

Ega and its partners with the project for the setup and management of the “Cava del Sole”, aim to extend the sense of enhancing the dimension of time and space that one can feel in the Sassi.

The idea is simple: give life to a unique and extraordinary place, which is not only a location to use during single events, but a new attraction to visit and live during the European Capital of Culture 2019.

La Cava del Sole foresees a location for indoor events with a maximum capacity of about 800 seats, that will include fitting rooms and services. It will be placed at the centre of the Quarry without touching the tufa walls, so it will give the opportunity to take a strong and emotional look on the incredible natural environment that has become a sculpture thanks to the excavation of millions of tufa blocks. The territorial dimension of the Cava del Sole is the same as the built area of the Sassi: in the Quarries tuff has been removed, in the Sassi it has been used.

The quarries have left huge open-air naves, closed by walls that, depending on the excavation technique, by hand or with circular saws, draw landscape architectures, in light and dark, regular volumes and horizontal and vertical incisions.

The main heart of the complex consists in a large 4800 square meters outdoor theatre that can host more than 7000 standing and 4000 seated people and includes a large stage (15x18m). The area is adaptable to any possible indoor and outdoor configuration, with audio and light towers as well as hanging trellises provided ad hoc according to the needs of each single event.

The following services will be available in the Cava del Sole:

  • Info point, ticket office and offices
  • Bookshop with display and sale of merchandising
  • Bar-Restaurant
  • Toilettes
  • Bike sharing and electric car hire
  • Storages

More information on the programme in the Cava del Sole will follow soon.

If you are interested in organising your indoor meeting or outdoor event in this unique place, send us an e-mail. We will contact you immediately.

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