Ega vintage: The 1989 congress of the Italian Socialist Party… we were there!


Have you seen the latest movie with Pierfrancesco Favino who magnificently played the role of ex prime minister Bettino Craxi?  If so, you should have noticed that the first scenes of the film, set during the PSI congress at the Ansaldo Shipyards in Milan, were full of hostesses dressed in red with white shirts and scarves … Those hostesses were our girls!

The PSI congress was in fact organized by Ega. Our President Emma Aru worked closely with both the Hon. Intini and the Hon. Boniver, who were important party members at the time.

In a past interview, our President told an anecdote in regards to that congress and to President Craxi: “I remember him at the last congress in Milan in 1989 at the Ansaldo Shipyards (it was the first time that a post-industrial building was used as a venue) . He handed me a pack of papers with the names of all the political-financial and intellectual gotha to be placed in the guest parterre, saying  “You can take care of this, I don’t care about where they sit!”, The problem was that the seats were less than half compared to the accessions and the space available was already fully exploited! He sat in his room behind the scenes and received the powerful people of Italy who lined up. The hostesses were dressed Trussardi”

It was an extremely important order for the time that represented another consecration for Ega inside the world of governmental, institutional and even international events. For instance, on that very occasion all the delegations of the foreign and socialist parties were invited. The management of the delegations was carried out impeccably and entirely by Ega.