02 Nov 2014 - 05 Nov 2014

The WLA World Lottery Summit is the biennial conference organised on each continent by a relatively young association, founded in 1999, made up of the lottery operators, WLA partners, and their suppliers worldwide. It is a unique event bringing together several hundred delegates representing operators promoting exchange of knowledge and experience between those purveying goods and services in the fields of lotteries and sports betting.

In 2014, the Summit’s theme was "sustainability" together with the role of the Internet and social media, mobile and draw-based games in the lottery world.

dealing with a change of location: coping with tight deadlines and a new structure to accommodate all the WLA participants

managing and coordinating an organising committee consisting of three different entities: WLA European headquarters in Basel, WLA world headquarters in Canada and the WLA representative for Italy, Lottomatica

coordinating 100 local and international volunteers, who, according to an established tradition in WLA conventions, provided valuable support to the event

A unique common denominator: Bellini’s Norma – a suggestive combination of opera and electronic music
unique locations