ADP 5.0
Supporting Italian enterprises for over 50 years

Milan, Est End Studios
10 Oct 2017 - 10 Oct 2017

The idea was to overcome the dichotomy between the human and the digital domain through the narrative of innovation from past to future. It featured an institutional plenary with exceptional testimonials plus three “experience” sessions devoted to edutainment: Innovation - Technology – Food and Design   INNOVATION EXPERIENCE Participants interacted in an unexpected experiential, challenging and exciting context: suppressing one of the senses to comprehend space in a different way. The message: the need to look at innovation from a different perspective through an unchartered territory with the thrill of the new and the excitement of the unknown.   TECHNOLOGY EXPERIENCE The highlight of this experience was the interaction between participants and technology that is the new environment in which they are bound to operate. Participants interacted with a technology-based environment that reacted to their movement, decisions and choices.   FOOD & DESIGN EXPERIENCE Participants started from a new interpretation of the “concept of making pasta”, and discovered a new way of cooking through an integrated food and design system.

Involving participants in one single event day in a path to change through an emotional and intellectual experience between art and science. Conveying the value and the commitment of ADP, a leading HR company that has been providing innovative market solutions for 50 years.

formats/edutainment laboratories with top partners
spectacular artistic performances
international guests (VIPs, clients, ADP employees, stakeholders)
hand-made tortellinis