2nd KYANI European Convention

Ega for KYANI
01 Oct 2015 - 04 Oct 2015

KYANI ROME 2015 was the second European Convention organised by the American multilevel marketing organisation “KYANI”, the largest global operator in the field of nutritional supplements.

The event organised in Rome from the 1st to 4th October 2015, saw the arrival of over 4 thousand delegates from all over Europe who came prepared to live the “KYANI Experience”. The experience involved two Gala dinners, a Motor Rally along famous Roman roads (from Orvieto to Cinecittà passing through the Historic Centre of the Capital) and a two day Convention in the Palalottomatica structure.

The study and preparation of a format that would fully satisfy KYANI clients; an event to astonish KYANI distributors, creating suspense and enthusiasm for all the participants, as well as providing an excellent opportunity to visit the Eternal City of Rome.

Coordination of all the different sectors and actors involved while satisfying requests arriving from KYANI headquarters in different countries: including the Presidency in the United States, the Administrative Direction in Sweden and the Operational Direction in Italy. The event would constitute one of the rare occasions in which all three structures would be meeting, dialoguing and working together.

The compression of the event into 4 days using the KYANI motto “Experiencing more” inevitably meant finding solutions to guarantee a lifetime’s experience for all KYANI guests and distributors participating in the event.

The creation of a grand and unique occasion around a series of appointments designed to underline the prestige of the clients and the greatness of Rome. Throughout the four days participants were guests in the Colonna Palace for a wonderful Gala Dinner and also took part in an adventurous Motor Rally, a voyage into time and space, from Orvieto to Rome, from the present day to an ancient Roman which miraculously reappeared on a massive stage set built in the Cinecittà film studios. EGA was totally involved in the organisation of the event, from both a creative and a logistical point of view, bringing unrivalled results.

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