L' Aquila
01 Jan 2009 - 31 Dec 2009

In the year of the Italian Presidency of the G8, the meeting of the Big ones took place from the 8th to the 10th of July 2009, it gathered the Heads of State and Government of the G8 Countries. They met with more than 30 delegations, for a total of 40 participants among G8 Countries, G5 Countries, MEF Countries – Major Economies Forum, Countries of the African Union, international organizations and other Countries invited by the Italian Presidency.

The meeting was moved from Sardinia, where it was previously expected to be held, to l’Aquila, as a sign of solidarity with Abruzzo, badly damaged in the same year by an earthquake, and with all the people of the world that were victims of natural disasters.

The annual meeting of the Big ones is the main and most visible event of the G8 process, and it is the event that all the PCO want to organize. In the case of the 2009 edition, al the direction of the summits went step by step with the management of the earthquake emergency.

Deal, in short time, with the decision to move the G8 to l’Aquila: a new location and an agenda to completely rearrange.

Think on an economical point of view, to contain the costs as much as possible with the purpose to reuse funds addressed to the Summit for the rebuilding of the areas damaged by the earthquake.

Adapt the chosen location, the Scuola Sottufficiali of the Guardia di Finanza, to the necessities and standards of the delegations hosted and involved in the meeting.

people (work team)
mediation of many different languages
safety guaranteed in a post-earthquake city
successful event