“Feeding the planet, energy for life”
01 May 2015 - 31 Oct 2015


EXPO Milano 2015 was the greatest event ever organized about food and nutrition. A showcase of cultures and populations of the entire world that highlighted the relevance of sustainable food through a unique combination of identity elements and new experimentations.

Figures suffice to characterize this event: 184 days, 21.5 millions visitors from 140 countries, 54 stands and 9 clusters that gathered 70 countries around some symbolic foods, such as rice, cocoa, coffee, fruit, spices, cereal. Two ground breaking figures: 272,785 visitors in one day (October 11th) and 1,243,701 visitors in one week (from October 5 to11).

EXPO Milano was a must see for many institutions and celebrities, with numerous distinguished guests: more than 60 Heads of State and Government and 300 institutional visits. The most represented continent was Africa, with 30 countries.
(source: Ansa, October 31, 2015)

Dealing with and managing the setbacks that the EXPO 2015 organization experienced since the beginning after the construction delays. Delays that had an impact on the organization of the entire event and on its communication to the general public

Meeting the rich and various requests for DMC services, in particular on the part of delegates coming from the most remote areas of the planet

Swiftly adjusting to the procedures and to the EXPO 2015 decision-making, administrative and management cross checks

Nationals Day
11.000 sq m
of set-up
October 31st
official Closing Ceremony