Milan, Piazza Duomo - Palazzo Marino
02 Mar 2017 - 04 Mar 2017

The 2017 Carnival of Milan has been created as an expression of a city that is renewing itself between tradition and progress. Two days of events, promoted by the Tourism, Sport and Leisure Department of the City of Milan, conceived and organized by Ega Congresses & Events, started on Thursday 2 March with a big inauguration show in Piazza Duomo. The show with a high scenic impact and involving flying characters, described with innovative images and using Italian artists of international fame, the reasons why the Carnival in Milan is celebrated late compared to all others. Meneghino, Colombina, Isabella, Arlecchino and the extravagant King of Carnival alternated on stage. For the grand finale, the masks paraded through the large crowd and handed balloons as a present to all the children. The story telling took place in the air, so that everyone in the public could see it as if he was in a private stage, in the impressive setting of Piazza Duomo. The amusement and the wonder continued on Saturday, March 4, at Palazzo Marino, where children have been put at the center of the scene with special make-up sessions, jugglers, waders, magicians and puppeteers.

Renewing the Ambrosian carnival, giving to citizens a special moment and new growth opportunity for the city tourism.

Tell the story of the Carnival with a universal language suitable for viewers of all ages.

days of event with spectacular artistic performances
Artists involved
People in Piazza Duomo
Children participated in edutainment activities at Palazzo Marino