AIIC 2021° National Conference

Milan, East End Studios
11 Nov 2021 - 13 Nov 2021

The Italian Association of Clinical Engineers (AIIC), founded in Milan in 1993, has the institutional purpose of protecting the figure of the Clinical Engineer by helping to spread Clinical Engineering Services within healthcare companies as an element of governance of Biomedical Technologies.

The first post-COVID-19 goal for our country is to re-establish the National Health System. This is the only way to guarantee services, quality, system dynamism, real innovation and the ability to adapt to needs. All this will be possible thanks to guaranteed economic resources under the PNRR and the availability of all the stakeholders. In practice, we will have the perfect opportunity to move towards a new NHS: we cannot waste it.

AIIC 2021: an event to restart the NHS.

This is why AIIC for its 21st National Convention wanted to involve all the stakeholders of Italian health - the world of politics, health institutions, representatives of the regions, citizens and patient associations, scientific societies, academics and researcher - for an accurate analysis of the current NHS and how it is possible to "lead" it towards a real quality and technological innovation system. Always with health needs and real professionalism at the center.

III Edition HT Challenge:

The HT Challenge consists in the presentation of experiences and innovative solutions by healthcare companies, universities, research centers and healthcare professionals, to open previously unexplored paths in the Healthcare field. The works, divided into 6 thematic areas, are presented through abstracts and must be accompanied by an evocative image that represents the project and a short power point presentation of 6 slides made according to the scheme provided.

Stefano Bellucci of ESTAR Firenze won the first prize with the work “Predictive maintenance: the case of positive pressure fans”.

The choice of an unconventional industrial space such as East End Studios as the main venue for the congress

The choice of a large nightclub such as the Alcatraz in Milan to host the Gala Dinner

The resurgence of COVID-19 infections on the European continent